Processes steel fabricators use

Steel fabricators are just one specialist area of metal fabrication. Steel fabrication is often used within the construction industry to help erect and supply the structural parts for buildings. Steel is often used because it has various beneficial properties that make it highly suitable towards a range of fabrication techniques. Some of these methods we have listed below.



Whether it is manual or by machine cutting is a common part of steel fabrication. It is achieved by either sawing, shearing or chiselling. In some instance a steel fabricator may use a torch or hand held torch to make precision cuts.


Again this can be accomplished either by machine or manually often by hammering or via press brakes and similar tools. Modern day technology allows fabricators to use press brakes to either coin or air-bend metal sheet into form.


This is usually done by using structural steel or sheet metal and can either be completed by welding, binding with adhesives, riveting, threaded fasteners. The aim is to join these pieces of metal together to reach their desired form. It is generally a combined effort of both machine and man power.

Most types of stainless steel can be welded, but the degree of efficiency depends on the grade. Here are some tips for welding each category of stainless steel:

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Derby Roofers

Roofers in Derby Offer Expert Roofing Advice

The roofing industry is quite secretive about the work involved in the trade. Even in the modern age of free information, it can be difficult to get tips out of a roofer! That’s where these tips Roofers in Derby comes in. It’s not at all difficult to understand how to work on your roof; it’s just a little common sense mixed in with a few simple industry tips. Read on!

Roofing Advice That Everyone Ought To Read

Roofers in DerbyThe single most important thing to remember about roofing work – and the one thing we’d like you to really remember from this article – is safety first! Make sure that you’re 100% safe all the time. That means; never work alone. Always have someone to help you, even if all they’re doing is staying on the ground level, making sure you’re OK. Never work in rain or snow, or on wet roofs that have been rained or snowed on. Stay indoors during storms.

Keep your gutters clean! Prevention truly is better than cure in this case, and it’s most certainly less expensive. Making sure that you pop up to your roof once every couple of months to make sure that leaves and other detritus is clear from your gutters will keep your roof free from clogs and leaks, preventing repairs and making sure that no damp smells permeate through your house.

When you’re planning on installing a new roof, choosing a material mainly comes down to how long you plan on staying in the home. If you plan on selling the house soon, material that lasts 20 years may be appropriate. If you plan keeping the house and living in it long term, you’ll save money in the long run by choosing materials that last 40 years or longer.

Learning about roofing doesn’t have to be hard! Thanks to this article, you now have an assortment of advice that you can use as you need. Make sure you keep these tips in mind any time you have a roof related problem. It should help you out a great deal.


Scaffolding Sheffield present Scaffolding Safety Tips



As a company that provides scaffolding Sheffield businesses and homeowners can trust. We understand the importance of remaining safe when working with scaffolding. Scaffolding can become quite hazardous to work with if certain safety procedures are not adhered too. Safety is often paramount and many procedures are set in place to protect against any potential risks.

Training can be essential: Many regulatory bodies for scaffolding now state that you should have someone working with alongside you who is fully trained for using scaffolding. This may be someone who is trained in safety procedures for scaffolding or what do in the event of a problem with your scaffolding. These people should have knowledge and information on the best work practices for scaffolding safety.

Prepare your scaffolding before use: You should always prepare your scaffolding properly before attempting to use it. Check that the base is secure and level made to the correct adjustments if necessary. Ensure that all locking devices are secure and braces in place. Alongside this consider the balance of planks, decks and installation of guardrails. Avoid placing scaffolding near areas which slope, have obstructions, overheard wiring or changes in surface condition.

Secure your scaffolding: Your scaffolding should be kept secure throughout using it. Make sure that it is adequately braced or tied to the building. Bracing is essentially important to prevent the risk of scaffold movement causing the scaffolding to dislodge and thereby reducing its stability.

Keep it clear and organised: Scaffolding doesn’t often contain much space or free room. Therefore all areas should remain as free as possible for workers to manoeuvre easily. Avoid obstructing the platforms with objects you do not necessarily need. Those materials, tools and equipment that are essential should be stored correctly and in a tidy manner. Any debris or waste should be removed immediately and never kept on the scaffolding.

As a scaffolding Sheffield company we know that you want to avoid the risks of accidents or injury. With good safety practices such potential dangers can be easily avoided and make working with scaffolding safer and more efficient. If you’re in need of advice surrounding scaffolding then Access 4 U Scaffolding Ltd located at 16 Bishopdale Rise, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S20 5PE?, 01142 997993 can help you.

Scaffolding Nottingham: Working At Height

Looking for Scaffolding Nottingham then can provide you with a professional and reliable service. This video discusses how working at height is still one of the key denominators in workplace fatalities.

Falls are a significant public health risk and a leading cause of nonfatal and fatal injuries among workers worldwide. A more comprehensive understanding of casual factors leading to fall incidents is essential to prevent falls in any industry. The perception of work at height is that it often relates to tasks such as roof work or scaffolding.

Whilst this is true to an extent, it is perhaps surprising that 59% of major injuries occur following a fall from height of less than two metres and 61% of over 3 day injuries occur within the service industry.

Despite the best of efforts falls from height continue to be the most common cause of death and injury in the workplace. There appears to be some struggle in helping to reduce these consistently worrying statistics. Although there have been a small and steady decline these accidents and deaths still occur frequently.

Statistics from 2010/2011 suggest that a total of 38 UK workers died as a result of falling from height and 4327 suffered some kind of severe industry. It is proposed that many of these occurrences could have been avoided with the correct training and use of equipment which had been inspected and maintained properly.

Scaffolding Nottingham believes in scaffolding safety and all aspects of Health and Safety within the workplace that is why we operate with a 100% safety record. For more information please watch the video below.

Still The Biggest Cause Of Workplace Fatalities Video

Scaffolding Nottingham: Construction Industry Boost

Looking for Scaffolding Nottingham then come to; recently we have all been feeling the effects of the recession, and so has the construction industry. In a bid to boost the downturn of the construction industry the Government has put together a series of proposals that will see a huge investment in to building and construction sectors. Scaffolding Nottingham believes that this could be beneficial to the future growth in construction; it only hopes that the Government will see such plans into fruition. To learn more about this development please read the accompanying articles.

National: Construction Coalition targets Growth

‘Comprehensive Plan’ Will Save The Construction Industry, Says Cameron

Planning Reforms: David Cameron Wants ‘To Get Britain Building” Video

Scaffolding Nottingham: Working At Height Under The Spotlight

Looking for professional and reliable Scaffolding Nottingham then visit and we can offer you just that. Scaffolding Nottingham know the importance of Health and Safety and the we recognise the dangers of working at height. That is why we operate with a 100% Safety record; recently working at height has found itself under the spotlight. It is part of an inspection initiative aimed at reducing death, injury and ill health when working at height. The targeted campaign is in response to the continued loss of life and serious injury arising from falls from height. To find out more please read the article below.

Working At Height Put Under Safety Spotlight To Prevent Death And Injury In The Construction Industry

Scaffolding Nottingham: Health And Safety Toolbox

Here at we provide Scaffolding Nottingham and we know the importance of Health and Safety. Scaffolding Nottingham are professional and reliable scaffolding erectors and suppliers who operate with a 100% safety rating. If you are in need of hints, advice or tips then use this handy Health and Safety Toolbox feature. It is a concise guide to all you need to know about Health and Safety in various industries and sectors.

The Health And Safety Toolbox: How To Control Risks At Work

Scaffolding Nottingham: UK’s Workplace Deaths

For professional and reliable Scaffolding Nottingham visit; we value Health and Safety and operate with 100% Safety record. Currently the number of deaths that occur in the workplace is showing little to no improvement with only 2 fewer deaths in 2012 then 2011. Although the UK has the lowest record for work related deaths in Europe, it is emphasised that any death that occurs is still anguishing for all concerned. Therefore Scaffolding Nottingham believe there is still more to do in order to better prevent fatal accidents in the workplace and that such risks shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. For more information on the latest workplace deaths statistics then please read the article below.

Little Improvement In Number Of UK Workplace Deaths

Scaffolding Nottingham: Health & Safety Inspections Cut

Looking for Scaffolding Nottingham then visit; it is surprising that the Government has chosen to cut Health & Safety Inspections. Especially because latest figures show that work related deaths and accidents are still a problem. Under new rules to be introduced in April 2013, checks will no longer be routinely carried out on premises considered to be low risk. Businesses will only face health and safety inspections if they are operating in areas deemed to be higher-risk, such as construction, or if they have had an accident or a track record of poor performance. General workers union the GMB said the safety of employees and customers was being put at risk. So are such radical changes detrimental to the Health and Safety of work forces, it is potentially opening up liability to lethal consequences.

Should Health And Safety Inspections Be Cut?

Health And Safety Inspections Cut In Regulation Curb

Scaffolding Nottingham: Crack Down On Construction Falls

Looking for Scaffolding Nottingham then can provide you with a professional and reliable service. The construction industry is considered to be one of the most hazardous sectors to work in regarding risks to Health and Safety. The HSE (The Health and Safety Executive) has revitalized a targeted campaign directed at construction sites in the North-East as part of a crackdown to fatal injuries and deaths at work. The campaign is in response to the continued loss of life and serious injury caused by workplace falls. The HSE hope they can help to make a positive impact on reducing the risk that accompany working within the construction industry.

HSE Initiates Crackdown On Construction Falls